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The clinic adopts a holistic approach to the care of hair and scalp. What does your hair reveal about your health?


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Scalp treatment and advice is provided for a range of conditions and diseases. Talk to us about the best treatments for psoriasis, dermatitis or eczema.

Hair and Scalp Specialists | Experts in hair loss treatment

Hair is a highly sensitive indicator of the internal and external environment within our bodies.  Hair loss can be sudden, or can become apparent slowly overtime. It is not uncommon to have more than one condition at a time.

The impact of hair and scalp concerns on our emotional physical and physiological wellbeing should never be underestimated. It it is not uncommon for this to cause anxiety and for people to withdraw socially, this may be due to a lack of self-esteem or concern they will not be able to hide their problem. Men, women and children of all ages can suffer and the speed at which this enters our lives can vary.

We understand this can potentially be a sensitive topic as often people do not want to acknowledge their problem to themselves or others. Seeking help is often delayed, however early intervention can lead to full recovery regaining your self-esteem and confidence.

Hair and Scalp Solutions brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the hair and hair loss industry covering over 30 years. Trichology specializes in all matters relating to hair and scalp. The clinic adopts a holistic approach to the care of hair and scalp, taking into account the internal and external needs necessary for promoting recovery and growth. The style of treatment offered will be dependant upon the particular issue. This could involve dietary changes, assessment of environmental circumstances and the impact of other health issues.