Hair Health

It starts with what we eat and drink

Hair Health

Healthy Hair & Scalp

What does your hair reveal about your health?


It is important to look more closely at what your hair might be telling you.

Healthy hair and scalp are generally a barometer of our inner well-being and health.
It is important to be able to recognise how both reflect what is going on inside of the body.

The skin is the largest organ in the body with the hair and scalp being the main appendage of this. When either is presenting a problem, you can be sure there will be contributing factors involved.

Your health, lifestyle, environmental pollutants and eating habits will have an effect on your metabolism, gut health, hormones and cell renewal. This in turn will have a potential effect on your hair and scalp.

Adjustments in our behavioural patterns can have great rewards and significantly improve your hair and scalp more than you can imagine. Often the advised changes have little impact on the individuals’ routine lifestyle choices.


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Looking after the inside of the body will help produce a healthier growing head of hair and healthy scalp.

Prevention is far better than cure!

Why wait til there is obviously a problem which only causes more stress and possible anxiety?

Getting to the root cause before the roots give you cause for concern.