Hair Loss Specialists

Men’s Hair Loss

Men’s Hair Loss

Losing hair doesn’t mean you are going bald. Research has found that there is a connection with hair loss and health issues.

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Hair Loss Specialists

As hair loss specialists, we know that hair loss will often touch our lives when we are least expecting it. For many, the discovery of hair loss can be quite traumatic and devastating for our self-esteem. It is common to quietly monitor the situation not daring to share our fears with others.

Hair loss can result in a variety of psychological and emotional issues.

Depression anxiety, social withdrawal and chronic stress are all associated with losing hair. Research and surveys show that people who experience hair loss often feel that they are losing control over their live’s.

It should be understood that any emotional distress caused by losing one’s hair is legitimate. This needs to be addressed and not dismissed by others.  Hair loss can have a profound effect on how we perceive ourselves and how we think we are perceived by others.

Losing hair can have far reaching consequences and an underlying impact on well-being.

The cause of hair loss is not the same for everyone. There are many reasons why this happens. Sometimes it is gradual and other times it is sudden and strikes without warning. Seeking advice and treatment early is always the best option. This will give you an understanding of your hair disorder and how best to deal with it. Taking control of the situation is much better for the psychological aspects of hair loss. Feeling you have some control over the disorder will help to stop it controlling you.

hair loss specialists

What is the best treatment for hair loss?

There are many different reasons why hair loss occurs so we need to evaluate each case individually.

Step 1

The first and often hardest step is to call for a confidential 15 min pre-take appointment. We’ll discuss your concern to gain a brief overview of your needs, and explain what information is required to have available for a consultation. This could include previous blood tests, medical history, medications and timelines.

Step 2

If you wish to proceed we will then schedule you in for a confidential consultation. This can be either at the business premises, or the comfort of your home.

Step 3

At the consultation we will take microscopic images from pre-determined areas of your scalp to better assess the issues. We will review the information and discuss the history of the condition.

Step 4

The problem will then be identified and some strategies or interventions will be provided. It could be possible that more information may be required.

Step 5

We then work out an affordable solution and treatment plan that will suit your needs. This could include a variety of different options tailored to your requirements.

For more information or to discuss further please contact your hair loss specialists at Hair and Scalp Solutions Mackay

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Hair loss affects men and women

As hair loss specialists, we treat men and women for hair loss with empathy and confidentiality.

Male and female hair loss has a lot of similarities. Both can suffer with androgenetic alopecia, diffuse hair loss, autoimmune conditions and alopecia areata to name a few.

Factors involved may differ from male and female.