Men’s Hair Loss

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Men’s Hair Loss

Losing hair doesn’t mean you are going bald.

Understandably this is the conclusion that most males come to since the statistics are so high and risk increases with age. The prospect of going bald can be a nightmare. Figuring out what can be done and coming to terms with this can be stressful. Some will resort to hats and other social avoidance techniques. Seeking expert help early is the key to success and prevention.

There are many disorders of the hair, some can lead to permanent loss, while others can be temporary and corrected over time. Hair loss can be the result of illness, medication, scalp hygiene, stress, autoimmune, genetics or hormone imbalance. Other contributing factors can be environmental, pollution, nutritional and dietary imbalance.

Research has found that there is a connection with hair loss and health issues.

The most common or recognised form of hair loss in males is male pattern baldness. Like other disorders this is often accompanied by other less identifiable conditions at the same time. Today it is recognised that it is often a multifactorial cause.

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